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Renal Nerve Ablation for Resistant Hypertension

Patients with resistant hypertension to drug treatment in Turkey is up to 1.5 million . “Renal ablation therapy” has been able to control high blood pressure resistance in recent years.. 

Is hypertension treatment temporary or life-long treatment?

This disorder is a chronic disease, not temporary. Hypertension therapy lasts a lifetime if an underlying condition is not present, as in secondary hypertension. There is no such thing as ‘two boxes of medication dropped blood pressure’. It should not be considered as any disease, flu, or sinusitis. Regular use of medicines, examination periods must be strictly observed. The lifestyle change that facilitates the treatment is also very important. Regular sport has to be made into a balanced eating habit..

What are the underlying causes of chronic hypertension?

Essential hypertension is a chronic disease caused by the combination of many factors. All of these factors, in fact, lead to a single mechanism, contracting and shrinking vessels to raise blood pressure. The vast majority of medications we use in treatment are vasodilators. However, the system we call the sympathetic nervous system is also very effective in increasing the tension. 

Erken teşhis ve tedaviyle hipertansiyon riskini ortadan kaldırmak mümkün mü?

Early diagnosis is crucial for better control of high blood pressure. Healthy lifestyle changes may also be able to take control. However, when we consider it as a community health project, the incidence of high blood pressure in young people who grow up with healthy lifestyle developing heart disease will decrease. So taking preventive measures will be a more appropriate approach..


Does hypertension treatment differ from person to person?

The same treatment is not applied to every high blood pressure patient. The most appropriate and effective treatment option is taken under control of the disease by looking at the other diseases that accompany the hypertension.

What are the current treatment methods?

Lifestyle changes, dieting, medications, and if all those are inadequate, renal sympathetic nervous system denervation are used to control blood pressure are treatment options used today.

At what stage of high blood pressure treatment begins?

If the patient’s blood pressure is above 120/80, the treatment process begins with a change of lifestyle. If the blood pressure is higher than 140/90 then drug therapy will come into play. The medication is intended to keep the blood pressure lower than 140/90. If the blood pressure is not lower than 140/90 despite the medications, then there is a case of resistant hypertension. In this case renal artery sympathetic nerve denervation treatment can be applied.


So, is there a new hope for hypertension patients whose medications can not control?

Absolutely. we apply the newly developed and non-surgical treatment for the last 2-3 years  in Turkey. The name is ‘renal sympathetic ablation therapy’. The purpose of this treatment is to control blood pressure in patient groups that can not be controlled by drugs. Effective and cheerful results are achieved. It is not a protective but a tactile treatment in difficult situations.

In which situations is the renal ablation treatment applied?

Despite having at least 3 medications a day, patients with resistant hypertension whose blood pressure values are high and whose blood pressure does not go below 120 and whose blood pressure does not fall below 90 are under the control of this disease. At an average of 1.5 million patients with resistant hypertension in Turkey. If hypertension is not caused by kidney disorders and hormone imbalances, this method can be applied to patients of all ages. We did not have a treatment option at the point where the drugs were ineffective until 2-3 years ago, but we have now. Thus, it has become possible to further reduce possible organ losses and deaths..

How is renal ablation therapy performed?

This method of treatment is performed by an interventional cardiologist. It is completed in about 45 minutes under local anesthesia. The nerves around the arterial veins in the right and left kidneys, which are accessed by entering the atrium in the uterus, are burned with the aid of a radio frequency with the help of a catheter. Because these nerves cause the tension to rise uncontrollably. Thus, the blood pressure is prevented from rising to the upper levels. After this important operation, the patient can return to his daily life as a discharge on the same day.


When does the patient begin to see the results?

Immediately after the renal ablation operation drop in blood pressure begins to be observed . This effect continues to increase for 6 months. If necessary, drug use can be reduced over time. We observe that the results that we have made and made up to now are permanent. Of course, after surgery, patients should pay utmost attention to the lifestyle and consistency of drug dosing and periods of use.