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Excessive sports raises rhythm impairment risk

Men who exercise more than 5 hours a week appeared to be at increased risk of developing arrhythmias in older ages.

A scientific study by Nikola Drca and his team from Dr. Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, sponsored by the Swedish Research Council, also revealed a new dimension of the relationship between exercise and heart health.

In a study which lasted 12 years on 44,000 men between the ages of 45 and 79, those who exercise more than 5 hours a week in their youth were 19 percent more likely to develop rhythm disturbances (atrial fibrillation) than those who exercised less than 1 hour in older adults.

Another result that comes out of research is about the elderly. According to this, older people who use cycling or walking for 1 hour a day are 13 percent less  risk getting arrhythmia than those who do not.

Moderate exercise for minimum risk

It was shown in this research that the duration of exercise and intensity were very effective on the risk of development of dysrhythmia. When we discuss this research and its consequences, we can say that the risks can be reduced to a minimum by not exercising excessively during exercise for a healthy future or by exercising mild or moderate exercise appropriate for your age.

With more than 5 hours of exercise per week, Increased rhythm impairment with an increased risk of developing in older ages usually results in lethal strokes by clotting the blood vessels to the brain when not diagnosed and treated.

10 Percent of Us Exercise

According to official figures, only 10 out of every 100 people in our country are doing regular exercise. This is a very low figure. Why do we get tired quickly? Because the condition of our heart, lungs and muscles is low. We can increase this with sports. But without exaggerating, we can strengthen our hearts and organs by doing exercises that we call safe sport.

30 minutes walk is the best

For safe sports, we look at ECG examination to see if there is a problem with heart rhythm. ECO is performed and heart valves and contraction are controlled. With exercise test we take a picture of the heart vessels and see if there are any problems. We demonstrate the compliance of sugar and cholesterol levels through blood tests. After all these checks, the person can make conscious and safe sports.