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Control high blood pressure without medication

Do you know that you can survive without medication by lowering high tension in 5 steps? Exercise, DASH diet, sodium reduction, alcohol abstinence and weight loss can lead to low-dose or single-drug use in high blood pressure patients. Let’s take a look at how this chronic disease can be controlled without medication by lifestyle change.

Are hypertensive patients able to survive by controlling the disease without taking medication?

There are about 6 million high blood pressure patients in our country. This disease is a chronic discomfort that requires lifelong drug use, unfortunately. Patients who use a low dose of hypertension may experience a quality life by controlling hypertension without taking medication with lifestyle changes. Every patient who takes low-dose medication can achieve this. How will he do it? He will lose weight, eat sodium foods, stay away from salt, exercise, nourished on DASH diet, and not drinking alcohol. In short, he will change his lifestyle in a radical way.

How much fall is observed in the high blood pressure of patients who have achieved lifestyle changes?

Let’s say the patient’s blood pressure is 160 mmHg. If we start to apply the lifestyle changes that we recommend to patients, there is a 20 mm Hg decrease at the large scale. So the patient’s blood pressure falls from 160 to 140. There is a doubling of the 10 mmHg drop in single-dose medicine. Therefore, they have the opportunity to control the disease without having to take medication.

How does our community live? Can we reflect the proposed changes in our lives?

Unfortunately, our quality of life threatens our health. We do not like sports, we consume ready food, we are fed unbalanced and unhealthy. We eat meat, kebabs and foods that are mainly fat. However, we have our miraculous Mediterranean cuisine. Smoking and alcohol use habit is increasing again. All of these are habits that do not fit into a healthy lifestyle. But this change depends on the individual or the patient’s determination. If desired, it can be achieved.

After a disease is diagnosed in our society, the lifestyle change begins. For example, when we learn that we are suffering from heart disease, we start to exercise, we intend to quit smoking. However, with the habits of the years, we are having difficulty in doing them.

What other risks  high blood pressure patients are protected from by changes that remove the use of medication?

Medication is applied to take control of the diagnosed disease and then to prevent complications that can develop. Healthy life recommendation can also protect the patient from hypertension induced heart attack, heart failure, blindness, paralysis and renal insufficiency as it treats the disease with the same treatment as the drug treatment.

Are there any situations where the lifestyle change alone is not enough in patients with tension?

If the blood pressure values do not decrease when patients change their daily life habits, then additional medical treatment should be considered. After drug therapy begins this should not make us give up habits of healthy living.

What is the DASH diet? Is it only for high blood pressure patients?

The DASH diet is a type of diet designed to control hypertension and minimize sodium intake. It is a poor salt and cholesterol diet. This diet, sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA, is made with low calories and small portions. Fish are consumed twice during the week. Red meat consumption is minimized. The fat content of consumed foods is low. Dishes and fruits are abundant in the DASH diet, which uses pitted and grained grains and carbohydrates. Avoid foods containing sugar. The most important goal is to reduce sodium intake, and to acquire a dietary habit rich in calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber and protein. At the same time, it is a form of diet which helps high blood pressure in patients lose weight.

Beginning from which ages do we have to change our lifestyle to live healthy?

Healthy living begins in the womb. Our mother should be careful to eat healthy while pregnant. After birth, the environment of family, home and friends should be in such a way as to encourage this kind of life. The family should be sporting, not smoking, eating healthy foods and avoiding sugary foods. Growing up in such an environment, the child gains habits for a healthy future and protects himself from many diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, heart failure, rhythm disorders, cancer and obesity that may arise in the future.


The table below shows that when a healthy lifestyle proposal is applied, the hypertension patients’ blood pressure values will fall.

Lose Weight (10 kg)                 5-20 mmHg

DASH diet                                  8-14 mmHg

Sodium (Salt) limitation             2-8 mmHg

Exercise                                      4-9 mmHg

To quit alcohol                             2-4 mmHg